What we do

The main objective of Nogap is reintegration of people in dual diagnosis (mental health and addictions) with particular attention to the gender aspects deriving from the triple vulnerability.
Specifically, Nogap:

  • accompanies the path of socio-economic reintegration of young people at the end of their path in the Community;

  • raises awareness on the issue of gender-based violence, mental health, addiction in all its forms and multiple vulnerability;

  • favors social integration, research and inclusive business spaces.

Our approach combines actions related to the protection of the person, training, non-formal approaches, inclusive and social entrepreneurship, art and creativity, awareness raising and theories of personal improvement through discovery, acceptance and self growth.

Conceived as a free space for everyone who wants to take responsibility for a role by proposing activities, projects, actions in line with the idea of creating opportunities for the autonomy of young people in dual diagnosis.

Our projects


Act! is a project aimed at strengthening and expanding the skills and knowledge of the organizations related to the issue of tracking in persons and sexual exploitation. In particular, Act! develops an awareness campaign for the prevention of tracking and sexual exploitation, through an effective and synergistic use of social media and other ICT tools


An internship for...

The project An internship for… gives the opportunity to young people in the final phase of a rehabilitation course to carry out an internship at the enterprises of the territory of Orvieto


The project analyzes the potential of social agriculture in the rehabilitation of subjects in a situation of vulnerability by leading to study in depth the aspects of a HEALING GARDEN, that is a GARDEN or THERAPEUTIC VEGETABLE GARDEN specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people using it.



The project facilitates the joint design of a prototype of a community garden, considering/teking into account four goals: mental well-being, active participation, green skills, green landscape architecture



The project analyzes the potential of Storytelling and Narration for the socio-emotional-learning of young people suffering from social anxiety disorder.
Through methodologies such as forum theatre, stage journalism, stories sung to support the reinforcement and social inclusion of the most vulnerable subjects.


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