What’s Normal?

How we can define “normality”?
Who decides what is normal and what is not?

NoGap is a space where the centrality is given to being a person and to the restitution of a due and expected dignity.

A place that feels the need to work for a”cultural emancipation” that contrasts the perception of disadvantage as abnormal and marginal within a community.

I am a person if I always have something to add to my being a person, because BEING A PERSON never ends as a PERSON IS: “THE CREATIVE HUMAN SUBJECT

Orvieto, 30 Novembre 2008, P.V.Manco

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to which we respond

...because health and well-being are not just about the body, but also, and perhaps, above all, about the mind!

...because we were born as a group of women who want to bring about change and social inclusion and because mental health and addictions tell stories of violence

...because we promote the socio-working inclusion of fragile subjects, without which sustainable and inclusive economic growth cannot be archived

...because our manifesto says: "I am a person... if I can see what unites us and I can find a solution to what divides us"