Who we are


NoGap is a non-profit association born on January 17, 2020 in continuity with the Community Psychotherapy and Work for the recovery of the person, Lahuen. The Lahuen Community was among the first in Italy to treat psychic pathologies and deviants such as alcoholism and drug addiction, according to a community model and not a psychiatric clinic.

Our Team

Giannarosa Onori
Administrative Manager

President NOGap

I have been working for more than 20 years as an administrative manager. I deal with coordination with companies and relations with suppliers.

“Movement is life!”

Simona Granieri

Social Operator

Vice President of NoGap

For more than 20 years I have been working in the field of psycho-socio-health social assistance.
I worked with the International Social Services of Rome and I am currently co-leader of family groups. I
accompany families and vulnerable people in accessing social rights.

“Our Simona is “born ready””

Fabiana Manco

Psychologist Psychotherapist Existential Psychoanalytic

I am the Head of the Community of psychotherapy and work Lahuèn and EMDR therapist (structured psychotherapeutic method that facilitates the treatment of different psychopathologies and problems related to both traumatic events, and more common but emotionally stressful experiences and which has as its theoretical basis the AIP (Adaptive Information Processing) model that addresses unprocessed memories. In addition, my passion has led me to training in the field of arts therapies integrating the different artistic themes to a person-oriented approach.

“You can’t touch the sunrise if you haven’t walked the paths of the night”
Khalil Gibran, Sand and foam

Simona Formica

Project Manager and Designer

Since 2009 I have been working as a coordinator in Europe, the Balkans and Latin America on projects aimed at developing marginal groups, areas and communities. In addition, as a designer on various programs. In 2017 I resumed my studies wanting to deepen the importance of economic sustainability and job placement and I followed a Master in Entrepreneurship and International Development at the University of Plymouth. Since 2019 I joined the Team of D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs, an organization based in Martinique French through which I also collaborate with the Mouvement Du Nid, an organization that fights together with women in prostitution against the prostitution system. From 2020 I came into contact with the realities of the Italian Anti-Violence Centers after a training recognized by the Center for Equal Opportunities of the Umbria Region and in January of the same year I decided to found together with other colleagues NoGap having breathed the teachings and the quality of the work of the Lahuén Community since I was a teenager.

“The personal is political”

Saida Alaya
Graduated in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Master I level in Scientific analysis of facial expressions. I work in the field of gender violence, following women throughout the process of escape from violence, to accompany them in achieving psychological, social and economical autonomy.
Ginestra Bacchio
Giulia Vallerani

Graduated in International Relations

Always passionate about development cooperation, I followed a course of study that took me first to Macerata and then to Rome, where I obtained a master’s degree in International Relations. After spending two years at FAO, I returned to my small homeland and started to bring my dreams to life.
Since 2016 I have been working as a designer of donor calls such as the Umbria Region, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, EuropeAid, Erasmus Plus, etc., for projects for the development and integration of vulnerable groups and marginal areas / communities. In addition, as a reporter for regional, national, European and international calls. From 2021 I joined the Team of D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs, an organization based in Martinique French. Through my colleague Simona, I came into contact with the Lahuén Community and its work, and I was enthusiastic, thus deciding to found NoGap with the other colleagues.

“No matter how big the baobab is, it always has a small seed as a parent”


From the world of psychotherapy, which among the main approches work through the integrated arts and the Mindfulness approach

Social workers

In the development cooperation sector

Of the artistic world

I am a person

  • If I have my own voice, if I give my answer.
  • If I listen deeply to the voice of others.
  • When I take on the good and the bad inside of me.
  • If I give voice to my needs, my rights and at the same time I know how to give voice to the needs and rights of others.
  • If I do not allow anyone to trample on my rights, my needs, my dignity, all that is sacred to me.
  • If I consider my conscience as a court to answer in all circumstances.
  • If I don’t delegate to others what I can do.
  • If I do not consider myself as a thing, an object to be used at will.
  • If I know how to enter into everything that is not value.
  • If I live without crutches of substances that distance me from myself and take away my freedom and awareness of myself.
  • If I know how to touch my suffering, my limits, traumas, separations, defeats, betrayals, everything that causes suffering.
  • If I know how to recognize the evil that is inside of me and decide to overcome it.
  • If I know that my freedom opens and closes the doors, it creates and destroys.
  • If I can transform impotence into power, fear into courage, despair into hope.
  • If I respond with a constructive action to a destructive one.
  • When I get up, when I put my heart over the obstacle, my mind over the limit.
  • If I love my identity, my family, my culture but I have sincere respect for what others are and feel.
  • If I defend my freedom and do not invade that of others.
  • If I can recognize the truth from anyone and from wherever it comes.
  • If I know how to say yes to good and no to evil, yes to truth no to lies, yes to justice.
  • If I do not delegates parties, organizations, trade unions, institutions to think for me.
  • If I don’t take advantage of the little ones, the weak, those who can’t defend themselves.
  • If I have the opportunity to steal with impunity and I do not steal, to manipulate without consequences and I do not manipulate, to take advantages of the misfortunes of others and I do not take advantage.
  • If I can see what unites us and I know how to find a solution to what divides us.
  • If I choose the voice of my conscience between the law of the State that allows me to do so and the law of conscience that forbids me to.
  • If I always have something to add to my being a person, because you never stop since BEING A PERSON IS “THE HUMAN CREATIVE SUBJECT”.

Orvieto 30 novembre 2008, Paolo Vincenzo Manco