I am a person

  • If I have my own voice, if I give my answer.
  • If I listen deeply to the voice of others.
  • When I take on the good and the bad inside of me.
  • If I give voice to my needs, my rights and at the same time I know how to give voice to the needs and rights of others.
  • If I do not allow anyone to trample on my rights, my needs, my dignity, all that is sacred to me.
  • If I consider my conscience as a court to answer in all circumstances.
  • If I don’t delegate to others what I can do.
  • If I do not consider myself as a thing, an object to be used at will.
  • If I know how to enter into everything that is not value.
  • If I live without crutches of substances that distance me from myself and take away my freedom and awareness of myself.
  • If I know how to touch my suffering, my limits, traumas, separations, defeats, betrayals, everything that causes suffering.
  • If I know how to recognize the evil that is inside of me and decide to overcome it.
  • If I know that my freedom opens and closes the doors, it creates and destroys.
  • If I can transform impotence into power, fear into courage, despair into hope.
  • If I respond with a constructive action to a destructive one.
  • When I get up, when I put my heart over the obstacle, my mind over the limit.
  • If I love my identity, my family, my culture but I have sincere respect for what others are and feel.
  • If I defend my freedom and do not invade that of others.
  • If I can recognize the truth from anyone and from wherever it comes.
  • If I know how to say yes to good and no to evil, yes to truth no to lies, yes to justice.
  • If I do not delegates parties, organizations, trade unions, institutions to think for me.
  • If I don’t take advantage of the little ones, the weak, those who can’t defend themselves.
  • If I have the opportunity to steal with impunity and I do not steal, to manipulate without consequences and I do not manipulate, to take advantages of the misfortunes of others and I do not take advantage.
  • If I can see what unites us and I know how to find a solution to what divides us.
  • If I choose the voice of my conscience between the law of the State that allows me to do so and the law of conscience that forbids me to.
  • If I always have something to add to my being a person, because you never stop since BEING A PERSON IS “THE HUMAN CREATIVE SUBJECT”.

Orvieto 30 novembre 2008, Paolo Vincenzo Manco